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MB Herald January 2011 prints an article entitled, "Ministry hosts radical prayer gathering" which contains the following information:
"Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals “makes it easier for us to truly live into what it means to be a priesthood of believers,” says Rachel Twigg-Boyce of HouseBlend ministries. With corporate and individual prayer as a core value of the Winnipeg-based MB ministry for the transformation of community, she jumped at the chance to host a launch party for the book, putting her emerging ministry on the leading edge of a worldwide network of gatherings...When registration on Common Prayer’s website exceeded what the house could comfortably accommodate, Twigg-Boyce decided to hold 2 parties, rather than cut off attendance or move to a less personal venue...At both events, guests read through selected prayers together, sang, and prayed for personal concerns...That evening included a Skype conversation with co-author Shane Claiborne, who said a group of Protestants and Catholics united over the book in Ireland that day as well. Dec. 1, more than 25 people attended a casual evening of learning about the book, HouseBlend, and each other. " 1.
Obviously this is a book which was published to foster unity between Roman Catholics and Protestants and/or evangelicals, a phenomenon which I have been concerned about for the past 4 years or so, because Roman Catholicism also fosters unity with pagan religions. (See: "The Two Faces of Roman Catholicism")

Incidentally, for the MB Herald readers who may never have heard of the host of this "radical prayer gathering", Rachel Twigg-Boyce is the director of House Blend Ministries, an initiative of Mennonite Brethren Church in Manitoba. Twigg-Boyce is also in the process of completing her training as a spiritual director at the very contemplative and Roman Catholic retreat in Winnipeg called St. Benedict's Retreat and Conference Centre, where she appears on their 2010-2011 schedule of "Spirituality Programs". She appears in a photo on their web-schedule with three Roman Catholic Benedictine Sisters as a part of their "Spirituality Team". ((HERE, in the back row wearing red, she is photographed with her "Shekinah Class" with others training to be spiritual directors). It is quite apparent that she is very involved with this Retreat Centre. The Retreat and Conference Centre provides events which include taize, centering prayer (based on the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating), walking the labyrinth (photo of St. Benedict's), lectio divina, the enneagram, implementing the psychology of occultist Carl Jung, Rieki, participating in the Eucharist, and focusing on the "monastic life" in general.

The St. Benedict's Retreat Centre 2010-2011 Schedule also contains the following information at the bottom of the brochure:
  • "St Benedict’s is an area resource center for Contemplative Outreach Canada(*). Trained presenters are available to offer Centering Prayer Introductory workshops for your group either at St. Benedict’s or at your location." 2.
  • "Oblates of St. Benedict are women and men who desire to live the spirit of the monastic rule of St. Benedict and who associate themselves with a Benedictine community for support." 3.
  • "Reiki(**), a gentle hands-on therapy for relaxing, balancing and bringing peacefulness to body and spirit. By appointment $50." 4.
  • "Spiritual Direction is a ministry to persons of any age and every denomination who want a guide on the spiritual journey. Spiritual direction is a relationship whose prime focus is the nurturing of personal communion with Divine Mystery(***)." 5.
*Contemplative Outreach Canada is an organization dedicated to unity in "silence, solitude and service". On their website they state: "We affirm our solidarity with the contemplative dimension of other religions and sacred traditions, with the needs and rights of the whole human family, and with all creation." 6. This reveals their affinity for interspirituality and interfaithism, the ideology that truth is found in all religions.

**Reiki practitioners channel spirit guides to perform "healings".

***The "Divine Mystery" is a name for God which has occult connotations.

To the Mennonites cavorting with Roman Catholicism, contemplative prayer and Reiki: Why are you playing with fire and spiritual deception? These are all parts of the same puzzle, and they don't make a pretty picture!

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